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Attorney Street Radio: Bonde Do Role


The following interview is from a few months back at Brooklyn’s own Studio B. I admittedly didn’t know too much about Bonde Do Role at the time (hence a couple of amateurish sounding questions), but I knew they did their thing on stage, and I happened to be running around with my brand new toy (my first digital recorder). Chris from Mad Decent was cool enough to try and hook it up. *It went something like this* He and I approached Marina at the bar while she was chilling with friends to ask her if she’d be down for a quick chat, and I, felt awkward as all hell. It’s not that I’m shy, but I just know how I am in certain situations, and when I’m chillin with my peoples, the last thing I want is for somebody I don’t know monkeywrenching my zone and asking me for something two seconds after they say hi.

So yeah, Marina was annoyed. Only a little though, and after agreeing to the interview she was very cool and very forthcoming. Considering the brief time we had, we actually covered a lot of ground, from politics in Brazil, to dirty Portuguese words and drug excursions. Peep it for yourself below, and shouts again to Chris & Marina.

Interview w/ Marina [Bonde Do Role]



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